Analysis: the future development of shower room industry

The shower room, as a new industry, has been accepted by people since its introduction in the 1990s, and the material of the shower room has also undergone revolutionary changes. With the development of the shower room industry, shower room products are increasing at an average of 20% - 25%. All kinds of real estate development project and star hotel, hotel bathroom accessory fine decoration, shower room product will make up more than 80 %, become the main character in the bathroom. Glass is an important part of shower room.

The glass that makes shower room divides several categories, common glass, namely non-toughened glass. Common glass is brittle, fragile, poor permeability, a complex problem of weak point, compressive strength of once the glass is broken, the glass fragments area is large and sharp, direct contact with the body cause great harm, there is a big security hidden danger.

Due to unable to get rid of the shortcomings of toughened glass, which will promote the people demand for more safety glass shower room consumption, laminated glass of shower room, let people to the safety of shower room and have a new understanding. It is considered to be the most secure glass for the shower. The impact resistance and compressive strength of laminated glass is 5 times of toughened glass, glass break even after single or double glass fragments will firmly in the PVB film in laminated safety glass, the whole piece of broken glass stand in situ, broken glass still maintain clean and smooth surface, do not move, not shedding more scattered on the ground, won't cause harm to people or objects around.

The development of shower room into the 21st century, the widespread use of toughened glass in the market, bring more safe shower room products to people. Toughened glass has strong resistance to impact strength, high and low temperature resistance, compressive strength of up to five times more than common glass, in the ordinary people would not break under normal force collision, security is widely recognised. However, the toughened glass is still likely to have a spontaneous explosion when there is no direct mechanical force, which is the steel glass that the consumer is worried about. Explosive is one of the intrinsic properties of toughened glass, although only about 3/1000 the following, but even if choose high quality toughened glass, in theory, also cannot rule out the possibility of explosive, cause certain security hidden danger to the user.

Now the national standard requirements must use toughened glass shower room glass, its high purity, high safety coefficient, the national standard requirements fragment state is 6 ~ 10 ㎜ thickness of tempered glass every 50 x 50 ㎜ area security amount to more than 40 grains. This also exposes the defects of the glass itself, for a variety of reasons, once tempered glass breaks down, its glass fragments can still threaten human safety. Of course, tempered safety glass still belongs to safe glass range, which meets the requirements of China and other developed countries.

. JZC really starts from the consumer's point of view, and goes back to the essence of the people, in the future shower room industrialization of the big trend to move forward steadily, to create the true shower room brand.